Sunder (failedevice) wrote,

Worst entrie ever.

The florida film festival bent me over and gave it to me hard. Nothing stirs maniacal envy like watching everyone have a grand time drinking beer and waching movies while your stuck behind the scenes busting your ass for ten days. But it's all over now, today was the last day and the Enzian is closed for four days. If you thought that meant I get to relax a little you shouldn't have been thinking. In five hours I get to wake up and start my new second job that I'm not to thrilled about. Cry me a river and drowned me in it. The new job is at an all natural grocery store and deli and the first hippie that crosses my path gets scalped and hung by his dreadlocks then kicked in his meat free belly. Going to the F.T.M. this weekend with Krystal, get to see the friends and family and all that good stuff. Should be a pretty good time. I hate livejournal. Goodnight.
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