Sunder (failedevice) wrote,

A failed device.

How fortunate I would be if I where more like a computer. If this were a possibility I would be sure to come equipped with the recycling bin function. To possess the ability to take all unwanted thoughts and emotions, drag them to an icon, and empty them into oblivion, would be a most useful device. Secondly , I would also enjoy the aptitude to reboot my system, ridding myself of all corrupted files and rendering myself capable of starting from scratch, allowing optimism to process without flaw. And third, the ability to upgrade with ease, add new programs to replace the obsolete applications that do little more than take up space within a system that demands more functional attributes. But I’m not a computer, and even a computer will crash in time. So here I sit on the dusty discount shelf hoping that in some manner the world still has a use for me.
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