Sunder (failedevice) wrote,

The joy of transition. Not knowing what the next step is feels like standing on a trap door rite as it falls through beneath your feet. That unexpected decent into uncertainty. A fork in the road, both routs equipped with yield signs with no view of on-coming traffic. Indecision at it's apex. Where to go? What to do? No coin to flip, because both sides appear to be the same in different ways. The end starts at the beginning. Tracing shadows, altering reflections, un dreaming to re-dream a waking nowhere. The horoscope written by a dyslexic amputee with disassociation syndrome. where's the map. What are the directions. I'm lost sir.
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Got your E-mail, I'll check it out.
isn't that the problem though? no one else's map will help you. you have to make up your own map either on the spot or as you go. no one else's directions can tell you where you need to go though...
i know someone else with this same problem. although, he demands other people to hand over there map and thinks they owe it to him, and when it doesn't read right to him, he disregards the person completely. this doesn't mean the map is wrong. it only means he has to make his own map. his stairway that leads to the door is somewhere else completely. he better bring a flashlight. it's dark. and he will stumble on the way.
Easy to guess the person in question, I think being lost is what we have in common, me and him, despite our different methods. You are correct I think though, only a map written by your hand will read in a discernible fashion. I just have writers block rite now.
yes, i guess i wasn't too subtle in talking about the person at hand. the trap door has opened beneath me on that issue, and i don't care how much it may or may not disturb him that i would talk about him on here, but i do wish him the best in his searches. i am, of course, not cool enough for him and my map was tossed aside when he glanced at it.
let me know how the meeting with alex goes. i saw him just last night at a party of his and he said he was just waiting on you to call him again...

The place I work at might not be there soon due to some inside drama so it's hard to gage what time I have free until this matter is resolved. I don't want to give Alex another time to meet and then not make it. So I'm just waiting for the smoke to clear.
how does it not scare you?