Sunder (failedevice) wrote,


Yesterday my room-mate got fired from his job, and today he moved back to Ft. Myers to live with his mother. His name is Mike and he doesn't live here anymore. My name is Dustin and I need a new room-mate. Anybody need a place to live?
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goddammit that sucks!!!
Ya, that's what I said. Fuckin bizzare, now you see him,now you... "What ever happend to that mike guy?" Don't. I need to sleep.
Hey Dustin...It's Monica (met ya thru Steve). Hope you dont mind I added you to my friends list.
I can call Alex tomorrow to see about you guys meeting about the tshirts and stuff??

Get in touch with me on that,I want to meet with this guy. P.S. I might have investors.
hey man, i know its quite a ways a way and nothing can be promised but if the offer is still good there is a chance come Aug. if my cards fall right as the jokers jacket i may need a place in Orlando....
Keep me posted on that.
no prob