Sunder (failedevice) wrote,

You'll probably skip over this entry

Ever get so bord that when you finally find something to do with yourself, your some how to bored to do it. Well put your hands together folks, I'm updating livejournal. If someone where to ask we whats been going on I'd say 'nothing". Although a common response used to evade further conversation, for me it would be a valid statement. Nothing great is happening, nothing tragec... .. . . Nothing. I am opaque. I'm that guy broken down on the side of the highway that you see for a split second as your zooming by toward your destination, that you might have thought about helping if you didn't pass him so fast that the thought never had time to formulate in your mind. I'm that graveyard clerk at the convenient store thats been dieing for a customer to help break up the monotony of his ten hour shift. The one that removes the convenience with overextended conversation when all you wanted was a pack of fucking cigarettes. Sometimes while I'm at work I pray for a robbery, or for the car in front of me in traffic to collied with another, flipping it over and sending it into flames. I smoke more because finishing another cigarette reminds me that time has actually past. Well the worst part is that time is passing and i'm not doing anything. I have everything I need to have to make something happen. I'm not crippled, I can read, I'm farley educated, I have some talent when it comes to some things, and I have an incredibly beautiful girlfriend that loves me with all of her heart. So what the fuck is the issue. I'm the issue, I need to get my shit straight. I need to feel inspired again. I need to feel alive. I need to be alive. I need to live. I feel better now. Thank you and goodnight.
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