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There is a feeling you get when something is dying. Whether it be within you, around you, or between you and another. Gravity increases, everything seems still, you can feel you own skin moving and changing. We fear change, It can be relieving or un-easing. It's that feeling that makes my heart feel likes it's laying down upon my stomach as if it where a mattress. That feeling that makes the ground below me seem so far away, and the sky above so close and constricting. It feels as though whats passing in your life has taken rout through you, and is biding it's time, pulling peaces of you away slowly in it's exit leaving voids where some density of comfort once took refuge. Every inhaled breath is reluctant to enter for every exhale is a lost memento that expands into a memory and then thins into sorrow. Something is dying tonight and the last thing I want to say is goodbye.
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