Sunder (failedevice) wrote,

So it is said that the world began with a big bang. A massive, cataclysmic expansion of material that in time created the vast cosmos that we now reside in. It is hard for me to conceive the concept of immortality. Days begin and end , lovers and the lives of those we love come and go. And in time humanity will reach it’s end, just like many other species that evolved only to become extinct. And after we are gone the sun will consume the earth and there will be nothing left of our legacy. So what tangible thing is there that is said to be immortal. Even our universe is accelerating into oblivion. Voids in space that lie between solar systems and stars called dark energy are pushing everything outward and away from each other at an increasing speed, and consuming the cosmos. Eventually these voids will be all that is left, leaving nothing. Einstein himself once conceived this theory but was to appalled by the idea of an in eternal universe to continue his studies. So based on what we know everything will come to an end. I guess that’s where faith comes in. But that’s not something you pick up at k-mart. Should it matter that our lives are just a blink in an ending reality? Is this a good reason to just say fuck it, It’s all going to end anyway. Well I guess that depends on your perspective. As of late mine has been a little blurred by pessimism but I’m hoping for a little spark of optimism to make the days seem more worth wile. If you have a little extra to spare, send it my way, I could use it.
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